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To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money-sincerity and integrity .... Anonymous

Stan Samuels has practiced law for more than forty years. For almost half that time, he was managing partner of Hofheimer Nusbaum, which merged into Williams Mullen, P.C., a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm. Stan's business and management experience, combined with his grasp of the law, enables him to partner with his clients-whether they are business owners or entrepreneurs-to offer solutions to the many problems they encounter in this complex business environment. In addition to helping his clients start new business ventures, he has assisted them with mergers and acquisitions and asset or entity sales. Stan has a proven track record of assisting his clients in solving corporate and business issues. He demonstrates insight into family dynamics unique to inter-generational business entities and is thereby able to assist such compa-nies with business-interest transfers, sales, mergers or acquisitions.

In addition, Stan represents commercial and multi-family real estate owners and developers, advising them regarding joint ventures, acquisitions, sales, and leases. He has been called upon by other counsel, in addition to his clients, to offer innovative solutions to unique problems.encountered by his real estate clients, whether they are owners, lessees or contractors.

Stan uses his experience litigating in State and Federal Courts to offer insights to his clients into both the advantages and disadvantages of litigation within the business model. Stan's knowledge of estate planning and the attendant tax issues enables him to advise his clients on business-interest dispositions and inter-generational transfers.

Stan also teams closely and synergistically with other business and tax professionals to obtain optimal results for their clients.

Stan has a broad range of experience in numerous business-related transactions. For example, Stan has:

• Represented a mega-automotive dealer in the acquisition of new dealerships and the real estate associated therewith, in the divestment of under-performing dealerships and, more recently, in the sale of his entire auto group and real estate in a multimillion-dollar transaction;
• Assisted a client in the sale of the assets of a sizable building supply/hardware store business;
• Assisted in the sale of a multi-state dining card business; and
• Helped clients in the acquisition and sale of dental practices.

Over the course of his long career, Stan has also, among other things:

• Helped his clients divide a number of automotive dealerships;
• Assisted a client in selling a flower bulbs import/sales business;
• Advised a client on a multi-generational transfer of a manufacturing business;
• Facilitated the sale of the assets of a retail business furniture company;
• Facilitated the sale of a thriving restaurant;
• Assisted a client’s acquisition of food service businesses and helped the client enter into a joint venture with a NYSE-listed consumer products company;
• Closed millions of dollars of real estate transactions, some attendant to business transactions and others of a stand-alone nature, many of which entailed acquisition, construction and/or line of credit loans;
• Helped his clients negotiate cell tower leases; and
• Represented clients in aircraft and watercraft acquisitions and sales.

Stan Samuels believes that young entrepreneurs deserve quality representation from the inception of their businesses, not only after they have “made it big”, as the policies of some mega-law firms seem to provide.

Let Stan’s extensive experience and knowledge go to work for you!

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